Friday, February 9, 2018

How to Take Hemp Oil for Cancer as an Alternative Treatment

How to take hemp oil for cancer as an alternative treatment

If you have decided to try hemp oil as an alternative treatment for cancer, you will probably want to know how you are supposed to take it and how much you should take.

That is actually subjective, as it depends on the person taking it and how their body reacts.

Different ways to take hemp oil for cancer -- There are a number of ways to take hemp oil for cancer, and they all depend on your individual likes and dislikes.

Some people bake the oil into the cakes they make, the cookies they bake or the bread they create.

Others add the oil into their smoothies, into drinks like coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and others even put it in soups, in their morning muesli or on top of desserts. Depending on how much you like the taste of the hemp oil, it will depend on what you decide to do with it.

Try different ways when you first start out, to see which works the best for you.

How much should you use? -- As hemp oil is not an approved treatment for cancer, there has never been an approved dose.

This is why everyone that tries out usually starts out with a low daily dose and then gradually increases it as they see what the effects turn out to be.

Over time of using it, most people figure out how much works for them and how much is not enough or too much. With a little trial and error, you will probably figure out the same thing.

Recommendations from cancer sufferers -- You can, of course, ask other people who have cancer and use hemp oil how much they use and how often, as this will give you a good baseline.

You will find them online in chat rooms and forums or click this where to buy hemp oil for cancer.

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