Sunday, May 22, 2016

CBD Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil vs Pharmaceuticals

Of the 80 different Cannabinoids in Hemp, THC isn’t the only one proven to have healing magic. Now that legalization is so close, the scientific community is showing more interest and researching the nearly endless ways Hemp Oil can be used to treat both physical or mental illness. Arguing with proven facts only makes one look foolish. Even businesses such as huge pharmaceutical companies have begun to admit perhaps they were mistaken to say that Marijuana derivatives were bad for you.

Side Effects of Hemp Oil?

There are no side effects when taking Hemp Oil. It’s not psychoactive, and will not get you “high.” There are so called “medicines” available today that may cure what ails you but have nasty side effects that could kill you. It makes no sense at all to take a pill for anxiety or PTSD that could leave you wanting to kill yourself, or use manufactured medicines to control infections when using Hemp Oil will give you the same relief, without the risk.

Results Speak for Themselves

When the Cannabis plant was created, Mother nature knew what she was doing. If two people with the same medical condition stood side by side, one gambling on socially acceptable “pills,” and the other taking Hemp Oil to control their symptoms it would be easy to tell which was which. The one on standard meds will probably be showing visible signs of uncomfortable side effects while the one using Hemp Oil glows with better health and feels great. When you get right down to it, if you need to choose between one or the other, why risk the dangers of man-made pills or chemicals when all you really need in your medicine chest is cbd hemp oil?